Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Time Is It?

It’s Back to School time!

I used to love the idea of going back to school (school itself? not so much, especially as I got older…).  The new clothes and shoes, the new notebooks.  Making book covers from brown paper bags and stickers.  Even now, a million years out of high school, I wait impatiently for the stores to stock aisle after aisle with paper and pens, markers and highlighters.  I love to fill my cart with pens (used to be stick pens but my taste has gotten a bit more sophisticated--now I insist on clicky pens only).  And The Husband and I share a love of notebooks that borders on hoarding.  The ones that clearance out at 27 cents a piece at the end of the season give us goosebump inducing thrills!  I’m also a journal lover--a fresh set of blank pages set between pretty and /or inspirational covers makes my heart go pit a pat.

Here’s the notebook I just couldn’t resist for school.  It’s probably a bit impractical--I didn’t need 3 separate sections and it’s smaller than a “regular” notebook but I never fill a full notebook in a class anyway…  *grin*

Back in the day, you carried your books in your arms with pencils, erasers, six inch ruler and milk money tucked in a Monkees pencil case. So, one thing I won’t be buying is a backpack.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t like something on my back where I can’t see it and have little control over what’s happening to it.  I’d much rather carry 10 pounds of books, pens and homework in a tote bag plus my purse on my left shoulder.  Doesn’t make sense?  Doesn’t have to :-)

What’s your fave school supply?

Go around asking a lot of damn fool questions and taking chances.  Only through curiosity can we discover opportunities and only by gambling can we take advantage of them.

Clarence Birdseye

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